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Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 15th, 1987,  to a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father, Kimka, songwriter, composer and singer, carries in her blood the mixture of two cultures. Affected by a disabling genetic disease (the cousin of myopathy), she was able to make, over time, with resilience and dynamism, her handicap a springboard to break down barriers between people with and without a handicap.


Attracted to music very early, Kimka composed her first lyrics at just 5 years old. Music was and always has been her freedom.


In 2005, she made her career debut and recorded her first duets: “ Quand on veut, on peut” (“Where there is a will, there is a way”), her motto; and “Marcher dans son coeur” (“Walking in her heart”, both with Kareen Antonn, in favor of the Swiss Telethon.


In the spring of 2007, Kimka joined the Little Dreams Foundation, created by Phil and Orianne Collins, to benefit young people with artistic or athletic talent. People with disabilities are not forgotten, since a specific program, created by Claudio Alessi, is dedicated to them, called “No difference”. This label with an evocative name inspired Kimka, who composed, in that year, in its honor, a single that she called... "No difference". In 2012, co-founded by Cynthia Odier and Claudio Alessi, the program will form an independent association and Kimka will have the immense joy of regularly collaborating with them on various musical projects.


In October 2009, she participated in the Swiss Miss Handicapped competition.


At the beginning of 2013, always driven by new challenges to take up and new causes to support, she wrote, co-composed and recorded a single entitled "Petit Papillon" (“Little Butterfly”), sold in favor of “SOS Children’s Village Association”, in Lebanon.


In June 2013, Kimka released her first album, entitled "Amal's journey", which means "Hope’s journey", in a repertoire integrating several musical styles, in the colors of the world.


Also in 2013, on the occasion of No Difference’s 10th anniversary, she wrote, co-composed and performed, at the Cirque Knie (Swiss national circus), in the Place de Plainpalais, in Geneva, the title “Le Cirque de Chacun” ("The Circus of Everyone"), which used the magic of the circus to bring adults, children, people with and without a handicap together. This would be the beginning of an adventure that would continue, once a year, until 2019.


At the beginning of 2014, Kimka wrote and co-composed the song “Sakuranbo”, still in favor of “No Difference Association”. She performed it at “Palais Omnisport of Paris-Bercy” (currently called “AccorHotels Arena”), in front of 18’000 people, on the occasion of the 29th Martial Art Festival of Paris.


The same year, she wrote, co-composed and performed "Petit Homme" (“Little Man”), a song focused on the theme of autism, which was sold in favor of "Swiss Romande Autism Association”.


In 2015, she launched her second album, entitled “Quelques notes de musique” ("A few notes of music"). It’s a compilation of 17 personal tracks, a combination of French songs and Pop music.


In March 2016, still for the benefit of “No difference Association”, Kimka created a more electro version of her title "Sakuranbo", which she performed once again at the AccorHotel Arena, still as part of the Martial Art Festival of Paris. She returned there in 2017 to perform a new version of "Sakuranbo", entitled "Save the World", on the theme of global warming, again in support of the "No difference Association”.


Since 2015, Kimka has annually organized, at the Café-Théâtre de la Voirie, in Pully, near Lausanne, an evening show called “Chantons tous pour le Téléthon” (“Let’s all sing for the Telethon”), in favor of the Swiss Telethon. Many artists from the region and elsewhere lend their voices and their talent in support of this great cause.

In this context, in 2018, Kimka wrote and co-composed the title "Chantons tous pour le Téléthon" (“Let’s all sing for the Telethon”), which she performed with several great voices such as Fanny Leeb, Meliz and Sosofluo. This song would become the new anthem of the Swiss Telethon.


Kimka also performs regularly between Switzerland and France in order to support various causes, and to break down new barriers.


Also passionate about literature, Kimka launched, in parallel, in 2017, another style of writing, children's stories. Her first story, "Anjoufflu", was published in this year. “Fais un voeu” (“Make a Wish”) followed in 2018.


In 2020, very touched by the fight against cancer, Kimka wrote "Chant d'espoir" (“Song of Hope”), a short story sold in favor of "La Montheysanne", an association which supports women with cancer and helps them to come out of isolation. Still with the aim of overcoming this scourge, since 2021, she has been organizing a show in her garden, also called "Chant d'espoir" (“Song of Hope”), every summer, also in favor of the "La Montheysanne”. In 2022, she wrote, co-composed and performed the song “Un bouquet de roses” (“A bouquet of roses”), still in support of the “La Montheysanne”.


Without abandoning music or writing, Kimka is now pursuing a new project... Cradled by the world of the Orient and the art of divination since birth, she’s creating her own Oracle, entitled "Maktoub" ("It was written"), soon to be on sale. Kimka's goal ? Bring together, share, love, give, and make people dream, without moderation !

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