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Welcome to Kimka’s Music World.

Discover her biography, her work.


Anjoufflu, son 1er livre actuellement en vente



Once upon a time, a few musical notes had come into her dreams to whisper in her ear a magical formula which would raise her voice… Even if nothing predestined her to become a singer, due to a sever genetic disease which causes her lungs to work at only 8% of their capacity, Kimka, carried and guided by music, had known how to use her passion as a strength , much  bigger than her handicap. The song, a faithful companion, helped her to reach the sky, released from her body…

For ten years now, Kimka has dedicated her life to breaking barriers between handicapped and non-handicapped people through music, as a singer, a song writer and a composer. With her new album, « Quelques notes de musique » (« A few musical notes »), made up of French songs and pop music, Kimka invites you to discover her musical world which will carry you beyond the earth…


Pour découvrir la bande annonce d’Anjoufflu ainsi qu’un extrait du titre composé spécialement pour accompagner le petit ange dans ses aventures, merci de cliquer sur l’un des deux liens suivants : youtubeEdilivre




Anjoufflu, son premier livre en vente sur le site www.edilivre.com

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